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The tropical climate with many shades divided into two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. West land is Highland mountains, consists of river, upstream flowing, steep slopes, high passes, narrow valleys and stream beds. The climate of this region is divided into two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Low areas in the province consist of hills, rivers, Lo valley and Ha Giang town. The average annual temperature around 24 º C - 28 º C, while winter temperatures down to -5 º C. 

Ha Giang has many beautiful mountains, with high peaks such as Tay Con Linh with 2.419m high, many forests with a lot of precious wood, up to 1,000 kinds of rare medicinal plants. Animals are tiger, pheasant, phoenix, pangolin ... and hundreds of other birds. Ha Giang has poetic grandeur Plateau Dong Van, Khau Vai love market is compelling domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Ha Giang, tourists have many chances to access the products from the unique cultural traditions of mountainous people, which are embroidered towels, canvas bags, and dresses with the kind of brilliant flowers. Guests have the opportunity to attend the highlands fair of local residents and discover many new things. the trip between Dong Van and Meo Vac is a mind-blower for motorbikers. It should be one of the most popular destinations in this region, but is one of those rare provinces that still requires a travel permit and the bureaucratic baloney keeps most at bay.



( 6days/5 nights by Motorcycle)

- Beautiful country roads
- Picturesque scenery
- Thanh Thuy Border (Vietnam-China)
- Co Tien mountain view
- Thach Son Than mountain
- Trinh Tuong’s House
- Vuong Meo Family’s house
- Dong Van Market
- Colorful Khau Vai love market
- Ma Pi Leng Pass ( the Happy Street)


Day 1:    Hanoi driving to HaGiang – 330km
6:30: We prepare for our motorbike experience  to Ha Giang.

7:05: We depart on our motorbike tour by heading out of Hanoi to  road 3.We will experience heavy traffic  in the morning.

9:00: We will take a  rest stop in the Town of Phu Tho, we have thirty minutes here.

11:30: We have lunch in Tuyen Quang City , outdoor lunch with breads, sausage, pate, fruit, soft drinks.

12:30: We continue to Ha Giang.

14:30: Rest stop at the town of Bac Quang in Ha Giang province for twenty minutes.

16:45: Arrive to KM0 downtown of Ha Giang, take some photos and soft drinks.

17:00: Check in Ha Giang hotel.

19:00: Have dinner at Cuisine Street of Ha Giang City, Enjoy the local specialties such as pipes early porridge, salads, dumplings. Bread and savory dishes. Overnight in HaGiang City hotel.

Distance: Hanoi-Phu Tho:80km, Phu Tho-Tuyen Quang:90km, Tuyen Quang-Bac Quang: 80km, Bac Quang- Ha Giang City : 80km.
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2:    HaGiang City driving to QuanBa -  50km 
7:00: Get up and have breakfast of  local food or bread or pate, sausages, soft drinks and mineral water. Get some gas.

7:45 : We will  Park in the  Central Square, at the  km0 milestone.  This is where there is a great deal of international trade between Vietnam and China. It is at the Thanh Thuy border.

11:30 :  Outdoor lunch at one of the most beautiful places in the City with bread, sausage, pate, fruit, soft drinks & mineral water.

12:30: Back to the hotel for some  rest and relaxation.

14:00: Check out of our hotel, and depart to QuanBa​​.

15:15: Arrive at Tam Son Go town, in the QuanBa District​​. check into our hotel. We will be going  out to the  QuanBa ​​heaven gate, Gate of  heaven relay station, and visit the surrounding villages.  We will have a chance to interact with the locals and  learn their culture.

18:30: Dinner, enjoy the local specialties, and have coffee at the center town.Overnight in the Quan Ba hotel.


Distance: Ha Giang City to Quan Ba : 50 km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel


Day 3:  Quan Ba -Lung Cu: 140km (Friday )
7:30: Local breakfast or snack. Going out, visiting tourist couples Fairy Mountain Valley Quan Ba. Coffee morning at .Chup photos, souvenir shopping.

10:00: Depart to YenMinh, break legs, outdoor café next to the NhoQue River Road gorgeous. Snack.

12:00: Settle down, have lunch outdoors in the forest city of YenMinh. This will be an opportunity for you to Sightsee, take pictures of the unique  pine forest and fill up on  gasoline.

14:00: We will start out for PhoCao.

14:30:  Departure for SungLa, where we will visit the Trinh Tuong Family relics. There will be time for you to buy treasures  of the  ethnic people, and  learn about their history and culture .

15:30:  We depart for Sa Phin, so that we can visit the Vuong Family relics. You will especially enjoy  visiting  Pho Bang’s ancient streets.

17:00:  Depart to Lung Cu.

18:00:  Arrival in Lung Cu. Check in hotel.

19:00:  We will enjoy a burning campfire at the campus garden Lung Cu Guest-house North Pole. Dinner  will be  grilled chicken, bread, some local specialties. We will be able to have some discussions with the soldiers of the Border Guard at Lung Cu, a preschool teacher, as well as with the  local ethnic people . Overnight in Lung Cu.


Distance: Quan Ba- Yen Minh: 50km, Yen Minh, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin: 50Km, Sa Phin-Pho Bang:10km,Sa Phin-Lung Cu: 30km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Guest-House


Distance: Lung Cu-Dong Van: 25km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel


Day 4:  LungCu  Flag Tower - Dong Van Old town – Meo Vac: 50km

7:30: Local breakfast and then a sightseeing climb of the Lung Cu Flag Tower, North Pole.  This is the northern most part in Viet Nam. We will visit the Lo Lo people, and the H’mong . There will be an opportunity for shoping for some of the local peoples items. You will have a chance for some  memorable Photos, as well as gaining a valuable understanding of the historical and cultural traditions.   Be sure to enjoy a local specialty, Men Men (a type of food made ​​from ethnic corn meal which is part of their daily diet). You will become acquainted  with “Blow Pan”, an ethnic  instrument that you can try for a real  interesting experience.
9:00: We go to DongVan down town
10:00: You will especially enjoy the Don Van Fair (a large gathering of flea markets  which have good deals on local treasures.( Try out your negotiating  skills!!) The fair features the best items from the people of the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam. This is where cultural , commodity and agricultural exchanges take place. It is where the character of the  many indigenous people, such as the H’Mong, Tay, Nung, Dao, Lo Lo  is on display  (Usually on each Sunday). You will learn, cultural traditions  at this place, have an opportunity to take photographs, and shop for unique souvenirs of Dong Van.The ethnic people will  sit at the table drink corn liquor, cook and sell at their crafts at the  market. Enjoy local ethnic specialties like Thang Co, Men Men, flung Iridescence, corn liquor ...

11:30: Lunch at an outdoor market: This will be a  very exciting and  unforgettable experience. The indigenous people here love a party and are quite friendly.

13:30:  Gas up and then go to Meo Vac.

14:00: Stop the beautiful Ma Pi Leng Pass. This is one of the four most famous peaks of the mountain passesin the north of Vietnam.  Snack , and hot water for coffee. Sightseeing at thePass will be enjoyable. Great opportunities for  photography, and stunning views of the Nho Que River. We will bet reckking down  river  of the  Nho Que, where we will do a lot of sightseeing.  You will enjoy relaxing on  the river bank.

17:30: Meo Vac arrival. Check in hotel, take a hot shower and get ready for dinner.
18:30: Dinner in the town center. Enjoy the local food and produce. There will be an opportunity for plenty of free to time wander at your leisure and enjoy the city sites and people. Overnight in Meo Vac


Distance: Lung Cu - Dong Van – Meo Vac: 50km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel


Day 5 :     MeoVac town – BaoLam town – Ha Giang City: 140km
8:00: Local breakfast and check out,and morning coffee.  Feel free to  walk around the town sightseeing,and check out anything that you may have missed. Perhaps you may want to visit the Meo Vac market.

10:00: Driving to Bao Lam.

12:30: Stop-break . We will have an outdoor lunch at Bao Lam (located in the Cao Bang Province) After lunch we will visit the  iron suspension bridge, which crosses over the beautiful river. Be sure to stop and rest on the way.

14:00: We will Drive to Bac Me and have  snacks on the way.

17:00: Arrive to Ha Giang City. Check in to our hotel, rest and relax before dinner.

18:30: Dinner will be at a local restaurant.  We will enjoy cuisine of the local people’s specialties such as pipes early porridge, salads, dumplings, meat goats (river fish, chicken or local hill) with breads, sausage, pate.  After dinner we will take a leisurely walk to  the center of Ha Giang City.Overnight in Ha Giang City.

Distance: Meo Vac-Bao Lam-Bac Me-Ha Giang City: 140km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Hotel


Day 6 :      HaGiang City – Ha Noi City 330km
8:00:  Get up,  have breakfast,  and gas up our bikes. Breakfast will be at Coffe at Km0 central square.

9:30: Driving to Bac Quang,where will have snacks.

12:00: Arrival in TuyenQuang City,  lunch at the local restaurant.

13:30: Departure

15:00: Stop in PhuTho town .

18:00: Arrival in Hanoi. We will have a farewell dinner and say goodby to all our newfound friends.  We may even tell stories at dinner of the fine points of the journey.

20:30: We  will take you to Hanoi centre and a sad farewell ending our exciting journey.  We want you to hurry back and tell all your friends about the wonderful experiences you had with us.



Distance: Ha Giang-Bac Quang:80km, Bac Quang-Tuyen Quang 80km,Tuyen Quang–Phu Tho: 90km, Phu Tho–Ha Noi : 80km.
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Free


Tour price: Please to contact us via by WhatsApp number is +84913361979 or Email : 



• Motorbikes (and driver if need)
• All gas (fuel)
• All entrance fees
• Helmets
• Installing racks for backpacks
• All Meals & Mineral water 1 bottle per day

Tour excludes:
-         Alcohol
-         Personal & motorbike insurance (for motorcycle accident)
-         Personal expenses/tips
-         Damages to motorcycle
-         Saddle bags, gloves & rain ponchos, if needed
-         Waterproof shoes




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