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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vietnam Easy Riders ?

VIETNAM EASY RIDERS is a licensed Motorcycle Tour operator based in Vietnam under  Sports Hotels group & Tourism company. Foundered in 2011 by Vietnamese adventurer Anhy Nguyen. Anhy's background comes with over 5 years of adventure riding both On and Off Road with a passion for the ultimate motorcycling adventures. Vietnam Easy Riders is located in Hanoi Old Quarter Street of Hanoi City.

Who are the guides ?
VIETNAM EASY RIDERS guides and crew are the best your likely to find. dedicated & knowledgeable, English speaking, France speaking highly experienced in Motorcycle Touring. A fun loving bunch who enjoy sharing their passion of the rich cultures of Vietnam away from the busy tours areas. your feel their warmth and friendship . Extremely helpful ...

Do l need a visa ?
Yes. You must pre arrange visa before arriving in Vietnam. Visas can be arranged online or contact your local travel agent

What about my flights?
You have a number of options including direct booking with an Airline or using your preferred travel agent. You can also request a flight booking using our licensed agent Renee.
Flights within Vietnam are arranged for a premium tour package options 

Is it safe to ride in Vietnam?
Riding Vietnam is best suited to experienced riders. While you don't need to be the best rider to enjoy this truly amazing country. We do not under any circumstance take inexperienced or first time riders.
For someone new to Vietnam the traffic seems chaotic, and that's a fair assumption! But look deeper and there is a certain harmony and flow involved that actually works in even the most congested traffic. Speeds are low, the horn is in constant use, not out of aggression but as an indicator to other traffic that you are approaching, and the locals are quite good riders. You do need to be alert for dogs, chickens, buffalo, children and many other hazards which can suddenly appear as you should on any ride. We steer away from the national highways wherever possible and don't ride in the city of Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi as yes, that is crazy traffic!
VER is very much focused on getting you into the real Vietnam away from the busy city traffic. We venture into the more remote parts of Vietnam with little and sometimes no traffic . All our rides have been designed by riders for riders wanting to see the very best of the Real Vietnam.

For how long do we ride each day ?
Actual motorcycle time is around 5-6hrs in the saddle along with plenty of stops to check things out , covering the average distances of around 150 to 200 kms depending on the terrain. Remember speeds on these beautiful country roads are quite low , you will rarely exceed 80kmh, all the better for taking in the exquisite scenery. It is not a race!.... relax!!!

When is the best time to come to Vietnam ?
Any time is a great time too see this wonderful country! The months of February to October are considered the dry season and are a few degrees warmer with the other months considered the wet season being of course cooler. Wet season has it's advantages with cheaper airfares to and from Vietnam, and the countryside looking it's glorious best, lush and green and roadside waterfalls in abundance. Rain usually occurs in the late afternoon for about an hour which we take into consideration whilst touring.

Do I really need a current motorcycle license from my country?
Whist not having one won't stop you riding in Vietnam, we however whole heartedly feel you should have one in regard to avoiding possible police fines, and voiding personal travel insurances and other difficulties which could arise should you be involved in an accident, however minor. We also advise that you purchase an international license as a further safeguard. These are easily available in Australia for around $20 aud at NRMA, RACV , RACQ etc. Or check your home country for availability. Legally, as of writing, the onus is on you to have a Vietnamese license which we can help you arrange through a brokering agent in Vietnam. So far we've had no problems arise from the great majority of our customers not taking this option, but wish to inform you that this is the correct procedure. Word from the Vietnamese Consulate in Sydney Australia. if your touring with a licensed tour operator in Vietnam. you only need a license from your home country. Vietnam Motorbike Tours is a registered and licensed tour operator in Vietnam.

Do you take pillion passengers or beginner riders?
Yes we often take pillion passengers, many husbands and wives choose this option and there is a significant discount for a pillion passenger ( check prices option ). You can also see Vietnam as a passenger on one of our tour guide bikes, also very popular. No we don't take beginner riders, we suggest you use our pillion passenger option, you will still have the time of your life! 

Who rides with VIETNAM EASY RIDERS ?
Riders from around the globe choose VER as their preferred choice of tour operator . VER caters for every motorcyclist from solo riders to small and larger motorcycling groups of friends and clubs.
Providing quality service and the best experience into the real Vietnam . VER has extensive experience in touring the mountain and remote parts of Vietnam with the best tour routes carefully selected for your enjoyment .

BOOKINGS Tour cost & inclusions ?
For current tour pricing and inclusions contact us via email or call Anhy at our booking office on local In Hanoi, Hue or Ho Chi Minh City. Please include your preferred tour or group number and travel dates
We strongly advise booking in advance so VER can best accommodated your preferred tour dates

How do I pay for my tour and to who?
Payments can be made by credit card, Internet transfer, cheque or cash to our licensed & accredited booking agent in Australia , For more information and bookings call  Anhy Telephone +84977191979 or e-mail : anhy.vn@gmail.com . Deposit is needed to guarantee your booking. 

Do l need to pay tips ?
You do not need to pay tips to VER staff and crew. VER staff and crew are well paid so tips are not expected.

Tell me about the type of motorcycles you use?
VER owns the largest private fleet of Motorcycles in Vietnam 24, kept and maintained to western standards serviced and safety checked before every tour. Our fleet of Lifan Cruiser style motorcycles meet the current Vietnam CC restrictions each bike is registered and come with local limited 3rdparty insurance . while VER motorcycles maybe smaller in engine capacity than the big CC bikes many riders ride back home. the Lifan motorcycles are easy to ride and not heavy, provide good comfort to both the rider and pillion. With the average distanced of 40-50km per hour . Big bikes are simply not needed. VER customer feedback confirms we have the right motorcycling for touring Vietnam. With the fleet being all the same you no what your getting and everyone on the same machine. The pictures of VER bikes are indeed our bikes and will be the ones your riding. (beware of fake copy cat operators)

What should l bring for riding in Vietnam?
VER recommends you bring suitable riding gear as if you would for riding back in your home country. in general we recommend you bring . Sturdy foot wear. vented riding jacket. riding cloves and comfortable clothing. Sunglasses or protective eye wear , Day pack for carrying or hydra pack. light wet wear gear. personal items such as . wallets and camera , sun screen. money . ( HELMETS ) VER has a a large range of free to use good clean open face helmets. mainly LARGE SIZE . if you happen to have a very large or very small helmet size we suggest you bring your own helmet . personal items such as medications and toiletries.
Vietnam has plenty of cheap clothing and most things are available. VER also provides wet weather gear in limited sizes .
VER staff and crew are available 24/7 for anything or assistance you need while touring .

Airport arrivals will someone pick meet us ?
Yes VER provides a very warm welcome airport pick up service and VER transfers for all arrivals into Every Airports in Vietnam . VER can also arrange airport pick up service for HCMC, Hue, Hanoi upon request for special event tours starting in HCMC, Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang... 

What about travel insurance, third party insurance or if I damage the motorcycle?
Whatever you do abroad you should have personnel cover and make sure that your policy covers you for riding a motorcycle. Most Good travel insurance covers you for riding machines up to 200 cc( our machines are 150cc) and require you to be licensed in your home country . We have found that QBE and World cover have good Motorcycle travel insurance policies. THAT WILL COVER YOU FOR RIDING WITH US. "Remember to check your policy covers you for riding. While some tricky marketing names might sound like it does cheap and ask... Cheap over the counter policies like Cover-More travel insurance. Will not cover you...
Third party insurance for Vietnam is included in your tour cost. Motorcycle Damage cover option for only $20 USD per day additional to your normal tour costs, nearly all our customers take this great low cost option.

Medical and Emergencies
VER travels with medical field kits and all staff have basic medical training. VER has a general alert system in place should a medical emergency arise.
Riders need to beware that all associated motorcycling has it risks and dangers. Traveling in Vietnam can have timely delays reaching quality medical care.

What style of Accommodation do we use ?
All accommodation Hotels and guesthouses are very good comfortable clean and safe. Features include western style bathrooms, aircon, fans,TV. and most with WIFI . Even some of VER 's most remote accommodation has WIFI for Free ..

Hows the food in Vietnam ?
Vietnam is world famous for its quality fresh foods. In general the food is one of the many highlights of travelling in Vietnam. VER guides and crew on hand to guide for recommendations of foods. VER also can assist those with special diets

How do a carry my baggage ?
This depends on the tour option you have selected . Premium Tours include a support vehicle for carry all your baggage Standard Tour option riders carry their own gear. VER motorcycles come with carry racks. Straps and plastic covers . we also have fee to use limited supply of saddle bags. Guides will assist you for loading and unloading . VER recommends you travel light and bring you gear in a backpack for easy strapping onto your bike .

Scams in Vietnam and copycat operators
Vietnam is one of the safest countries in Asia. However small scams can happen just like any other major city throughout the world you still need to aware. BEWARE of copycat tour operators VER has seen an increase in this including Fake operators using Vietnam Motorbike Tours heading and pictures ...

What if l want to stop and look at something or take a photo ?
Freedom ... is the key word here... VER is not your mainstream tour operator. while there is a need to get to point A to point B each day ... you are welcomed to stop as your please check things out ...
Nearly all VER rides has a tail / sweep rider who is also on-hand for any mechanical repairs

How can l keep in touch with family back home
Vietnam has very good phone coverage even in the most remote parts of the country. VER can arrange a prepaid SIM card for you to us while in Vietnam. Please just let ask upon your arrival. startup sim card start from just a few dollars

How much money will l need ? ATM'S
Depending on which tour option and inclusions you have selected? We would recommend you have at least $60.00 on budget per day .. You may spend more you may spend less. ATM's are mainly everywhere and most foreign Cards can be used. Money exchange can also be done in Vietnam and often for a better rate than back home..