Jay's North West and Central loop adventure 13 days

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Tour duration: 13 days , about 1,860km

Brief North-west and North-east :

North-west and North-east of Vietnam are well known as the area of high mountains and panoramic mountain views. There are many villages of different minority people in the area offering home stays , so this is a great chance to experience firsthand, the local ethnic minorities and there wonderful hospitable atmosphere. The Central North is more remote; with many weekly markets it offers a real chance to explore the culture and places all around this eye-catching area. It has stunning splendid natural scenery and cultural sights attraction, there's many colorfully dressed ethnic people and their different traditions. 

Destinations: • Mu Cang Chai • Sapa • Bac Ha • Ha Giang • Bang Gioc Waterful • BaBe great Lake

• Look at the high terraced fields up to the sky. 
• Visiting the Mong and Dao ethnic villages in Sapa.
• Seeing the some of the most beautiful passes in Vietnam
• Showering in natural hot spring after the long day on roads.
• Know more custom, history, culture about the Vietnam.


Itinarary 2: 
Day 1/ 25 Aug : Hanoi – Ba Be National park  270km/8hrs
Day 2/ 26 Aug : Ba Be Lake  relaxing
Day 3/ 27 Aug : Ba Be – Cao Bang – Ban Gioc Waterfull 200km
Day 4/ 28 Aug : Ban Gioc – Cao Bang - Bao Lac 230km
Day 5/ 29 Aug : Bao Lac – Meo Vac – Lung Cu – Dong Van 150km
Day 6/ 30 Aug : Dong Van – Ha Giang 150km
Day 7/ 31 Aug : Ha Giang enjoy with friends
Day 8/ 1 Sep : Ha Giang – Xin Man 153km
Day 9/ 2 Sep : Xín Man – Bac Ha – Sapa 144km
Day 10/ 3 Sep : Sapa relaxing
Day 11/ 4 Sep : Sapa – Than Uyen 138km
Day 12/ 5 Spe : Than Uyen – Mu Cang Chai – Nghi Lo 138km
Day 13/ 6 Sep :  Nghia Lo – Ha Noi  195km

Brief itinerary 1: 
Day 1 - 25/Aug: Hanoi - Nghia Lo => 195Km/5 hours ( homestay at Chao Ha village)
Day 2 - 26/Aug: Nghia Lo - Than Uyen => 138Km/3hours (Minh Hang Guesthouse)
Day 3 - 27/Aug: Than Uyen - Sapa => 114km/ 3hours (hotel or homestay)
Day 4 - 28/Aug: Sapa – Trekking (homestay at Ta Van village)
Day 5 - 29/Aug: Sapa - Bac Ha – Xín Man => 144 km/4hours (tent)
Day 6 - 30/Aug: Xín Mần – Ha Giang => 153 km/4 hours (hotel)
Day 7 - 31/Aug: Ha Giang- Lu Cu - Dong Van => 204 km/6 hours (BinhAn guesthouse)
Day 8 - 1/Sep: Dong Van - Meo vac - Bao Lac => 120 km/4 hours (Guesthouse)
Day 9 - 2/Sep: Bao Lac - Cao Bang => 130km/4 hours (hotel)
Day 10-3/Sep: Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall - Cao Bang => 160km/5hours (hotel)
Day 11-4/Sep: Cao Bang - Ba Be National Park => 120 km/4 hours ( homestay)
Day 12-5/Sep: Ba Be Lake – Relaxing ( homestay)
Day 13 - 6/Sep: Ba Be Lake – Hanoi => 220 km/7 hours) Hanoi arrival at 5:00pm  


Itinerary detail:


7:30: We depart our motorbike trip by getting out of Hanoi to head up road No 32. We will take about four to four  hours , from Thu Cuc  you will on the road width, the traffic flow on the road more easy. You can see beautiful landscape on roads or stop take photos and rest stop.  Situated a few kilometres from the centre of the town is a hot spring, the water of which is believed to cure arthritis. The spring's warm water allows people to apply it directly. However, the water is still being used by the local people only and has not been tapped for its health benefits yet. Many old people in the valley come here to bathe every few days. The water is very good for the health and skin. A person feels as fresh as a daisy and has healthy white skin after they've bathed in the spring water. O/N in Nghia Lo.


Day 2:  NGHIA LO  - TU LE – KIM TOWN – MU CANG CHAI - THAN UYEN => 138Km/3 hours

8:00 : Check out  the guesthouse, have breakfast with Pho near the town .We are going to head up road 32  along  mountain roads and terraced rice field landscape you will constantly stop taking photos and go. Mu Cang Chai is the place being about 1000 meters above sea level, the steep hills make it almost impossible to grow rice fields like those in the delta. Thus local residences grow their own rice on the terraced fields, for the purpose of preventing water from flowing downhill. These terraced fields lying among rugged green moutain valleys, under clear blue sky or a mysterious and crips fog, bring to eyes an imposing scenery. During harvesting season, ready crops transitioned to yellow, while new crops still remain in their green color. The scenery is a big attraction to photographers. Overnigt in Than Uyen town.


DAY 3: THAN UYEN - SAPA => 114km/3 hours

Have breakfast and check out before the trip starts. Ride go up to Sapa, the road follows the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range and winds through tea plantations and rice terraces as it hugs the Nam Ma  River. This stunning valley is dotted with Tay, Dzao and H'mong hill tribe villages. Over the 1,900 meter Tram Ton Pass to Sa Pa located in the breathtaking Hoang Lien Son Mountains. Arrive Sapa in the afternoon. O/N in Sapa.


8:00 am. Have breakfast with steamed rolled rice pancake near hotel , we will trek to visit the traditional houses of H’mong hill tribe and admiring the beauty of surroundings and enjoying the hospitality of the H’mong children at Cat Cat village.

Afternoon: atter lunch we check out the hotel, the easy ride go down to Lao Chai village to visit the H’mong and Dzay tribes. Then keep going along the bottom of the Sa Pa valley to go to Ta Van village, which is supposed to be the places most beautiful one in the area, you can see the amazing scenery and beautiful waterfall. Overnight in a homestay.


DAY 5: SAPA - BAC HA – XÍN MẦN => 144Km/ 4hours ( tent)

After Breakfast we leaving Sapa to Coc Ly market. After 1hour trekking to visit Take boat trip down along Chay River (one branch of the Red River) crossing many waterfall, caves and beautiful scenes. Then drive to Bac Ha town. Take short trek around Bac Ha town to visit Hoang A Tuong’s palace – known as the King of Meo (H’mong people) during French colonialism and a local village of H’mong people nearby. Enjoy dinner with tasty Tao-Meo-wine (local wine made from H’mong’s apple). Overnight in Xín Mần.


DAY 6:  XÍN MAN – GIO PASS - HA GIANG CITY  => 153 km/4 hours

After breakfast . Today we will ride all day to go to Ha Giang city via Xi Man and Hoang Su Phi. Along the way we can encounter the ethnic people: Nung, Tay, Red Dzao, La Chi, Co Lao and some tribe stay on the hill, groups who have settled in the area. Hoang Su Phi are also very famous for their terraced rice fields cultivated by local peoples for hundreds years. Lunch en route at Hoang Su Phi town. Continue ride to Ha Giang with stop to visit Tay hill tribe’s village and enjoy beautiful scene of rivers, forests and mountain of Northeast Vietnam. Dinner and O/N in Ha Giang.



After breakfast , we head north our of Ha Giang via Quan Ba Heaven Gate , to Yen Minh town for lunch.

 “For the local inhabitants, Dong Van karst plateau, with up to 60% of limestone exposures, is not only mighty scenery but also their cradle of life endowed to them from earth and heaven”

Dong Van karst plateau Geopark (to include Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Dong Van – Meo Vac, 4 mountainous districts of Ha Giang Province) was recognized as the first global geopark of Vietnam since October 3rd, 2010 – make it a-must-visit place once in the life time. We continue with visit to Vuong Dynasty art architecture relics  - a former palace of Meo people,  and Sa Phin village. Followed by visit to Lung Cu flag tower. The Lung Cu flagpole, marking the country’s extreme north, is a popular tourist destination that inspires a deep sense of pride in Vietnamese. From a distance, Lung Cu is a spectacular sight with the view dominated by giant boulders and the national flag flying above Dragon Mountain – the northernmost tip of Vietnam. Back to Dong Van Town for dinner and check in guesthouse.


DAY 8: DONG VAN - MEO VAC – BAO LAC => 120 km/4 hours

Morning : to have a coffee shop in the Dong Van ancient town and trek around at Dong Van market.
We will Ride all day to go to Bao Lac. We will stop on the way at the famous Ma Pi Leng Pass at an altitude of over 2000 meters to admire the scenery typical of the region Ma Pi Leng is one of the  clusters of karst cones and continuous cliffs, which constitute an unmatched  landscape,  we can see and enjoy beautiful scenery overlooking the Nho Que River before going down to Meo Vac. We cross the wild regions of the mythical province of Ha Giang. Stop for the night at Bao Lac, the ethnic crossroad of Northeast Vietnam. Many other ethnic groups on the two sides of the border meet at the market every Sunday. Overnight in Bao Lac.


DAY 9 :  BAO LAC - CAO BANG => 130km/4 hours

After local breakfast  we enjoy coffee in front of wonderful view of local market then we take our bikes, head north through the lush mountain passes to the city of Cao Bang. Cao Bang is one of the most beautiful regions in Vietnam. Cao Bang itself is way more prosaic, but it is a useful base to explore the surrounding countryside. The climate is mild here, and winter days can get chilly when a thick fog clings to the banks of the Bang Giang River. O/N in Cao Bang


DAY 10 : CAO BANG – BAN GIOC WATERFUL => 160km/ 5 hours

After breakfast we  ride to Ban Gioc, visit the waterfall. On this day we'll take a scenic in insightful day trip n orth of Cao Bang to the beautiful Ban Gioc waterfall on the Chinese border. This picturesque, cascading waterfall is 53 meters high and has an impressive span of 300 meters. The drive there offers unique landscapes, limestone karst formations soar from the verdant rice paddies of the surrounding farms of local ethnic minorities. Along the way, we'll stop some villages to meet the local people as Tay, Hmong and Dzao ethnic minority groups. Heading back to Cao Bang, stop to explore the expansive 2,144 meter Nguom Ngao Cavern to discover its brilliant stalactites. Return to Cao Bang and O/N in Cao Bang.


DAY 11 : CAO BANG - BA BE NATIONAL PARK  => 120 km/ 4 hours
After breakfast we  ride to Ba Be. Few passes from where you can dominate the area. The road is easy but many curves. We can stop a lot. Al together, stop for drinks and food it should be an 8-hour journey. We spend the night in the traditional stilt house of Tay minority people. Homestay in Ba Ba Lake.


After breakfast, we take a boat cruise down the Nang River which is the main water source of the lake, enjoy the tranquil of the nature at Ba Be National Park. On the way to visit Puong cave, Dau Dang Waterfalls and An Ma Island. Have lunch at homestay. We will find the best place for swimming or take an easy hike to meet Ethnic people living along the lake. Return to Pac Ngoi village in late afternoon. Dinner and O/N in local.


Day 13: BA BE LAKE - HANOI => 220 km/7 hours

The last day, we leave Ba Be for Hanoi with stop at Thai Nguyen, known as “the tea kingdom of Vietnam” .An easy ride 220kms through Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, and Vinh Yen provinces on a small road with little traffic. We arrival Hanoi around 5 Pm. Motorbike adventure trip the end.  


What you have :  

• Motorbike(s) (Wolf125,Suzuki GN 125cc)
• Standard Helmet (s)
• Driving gears
• Tent, sleeping bags, Raincoats, Rain boots.
• Gasoline on trip
• Spare Motorbikes
• English speaking leader
• Homestay permission
• Meals as indicated in the itinerary
• Sightseeing excursions as outlined in itinerary                                                   

What to bring:  
• Insect repellent
• Original Passport
• Good sunglasses
• Good shoes for walking
• Other personal needs and some cash for drinks or souvenirs.
• Bike water bottle (if you don't want to use our bottle)