Rice Paper Making Class(3 hour tour)

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   Tra Que is a small village located 2 km north-east of Hoi An Ancient Town.  The village has existed for at least 300 years.  It is located between Tra Que algae pond and the De Vong River, with special conditions producing rich soil, and ideal for growing fresh herbs.

 Tra Que is not just a brand name for the village’s fragrant and high quality herbs, but it is also an attractive destination for tourists staying in Hoi An.  The village is named after the sweet scented herbs that are used in the everyday meals of Hoi An people, such as mint, coriander and basil.  A tour of the organic vegetable and herb gardens can include some time working in the fields if you like (wearing local farmer's clothes!), watering and hoeing vegetable beds, or merely enjoying the peace and tranquility and marvelling at the glorious sunsets.

 Located in the heart of the famous herb village, Tra Que restaurant is a rustic-designed, restored, traditional Vietnamese building.  Here you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you watch the farmers at work tending their produce. 

Local guide meets you at hotel lobby with your bicycle. Ride to Tra Que herb village.

The guide will take you around the herb garden. Walk through the market gardens where local farmers work on their fields using traditional methods from 300 years ago. Take a rest with a special welcome drink.

Guests will be directly guided by members of a family who have been involved in the process of making rice paper for more than 200 years. You will learn how to soak the rice and grind it by hand to make flour which is suitable for making rice paper.  You will use the rice paper you have made to create the following products:   PHỞ (pho noodles)- MỲ QUẢNG (Quang noodles)

After the lesson, take a short rest before your lunch of local delicacies.Return to the hotel.

(Includes transaction fee, bicycle, English speaking guide, lunch: choose from one of three menus) Foot massage: 110,000 VND/person on request






Option 1

 lunch included

Option 2

without lunch




635,000 VND

300,000 VND



Child under 12 years

300,000 VND

225,000 VND


   MENU 1

    MENU 2

  MENU 3

Tam Huu spring rolls

Mixed papaya salad

Fillet fish baked in banana leaves

Cinnamon pork stock in clay pot

Mixed vegetables cooked with garlic

Steamed rice in banana leaves

Fruit in season

Roasted shrimps with tamarind

Banh Xeo (local pancake)

Mixed squid salad

Seafood spring rolls

‘Cao Lau’(special local noodles)


Fruit in season

Tofu salad

Sweet and sour vegetables

Vegetarian spring rolls

Steamed rice in banana leaves




Fruit in season